A light gel composed of a complex of carotenoids led by Astaxanthin, emerging now as the most powerful antioxidant available today, algae extracts and liquid oxygen to defend cellular DNA, help reduce redness and increase firmness and tone.


Anti-inflammatory, reduces skin redness and calms down skin rashes and irritation. A light gel composed of a complex of carotenoids led by Astaxanthin with powerful antioxidant properties to defend cellular DNA from environmental ageing factors. Our formula is supported with the synergistic benefits found in marine extracts, and liquid oxygen for corrective skin rejuvenation.

Astaxanthin is emerging now as the most powerful antioxidant available today. A dermatological assessment showed a reductions of puffiness around the eyes as well as a significant increase in skin hydration was observed after only 2 weeks.

BENEFITS: Skin repair for damaged, dry and sensitive skin. Reduces diffuse redness. Firming and toning.

• 65 times more powerful than vitamin C*
• 54 times stronger than beta-carotene*
• 800 times stronger than CoQ10*
• 6,000 times greater than vitamin C*
• 550 times more powerful than green tea catechins


Astaxanthin: Defends cellular DNA against environmental ageing factors such as UV exposure, pollution and smoke.
Perfluorodecalin (liquid oxygen): Reduces inflammation while boosting cellular metabolism.
Porphyra & Laminaria Algae Extracts: Remineralising extracts which work in synergy with skin firming polysaccharides to reduce wrinkles.
Palmitoleic Acid: Anti-inflammatory extract of Nannochloropsis Algae, rich in Omega-7 and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant, stimulates collagen synthesis and promotes skin brightness.


Ideal for all skin types.  Indicated for dry, damaged, sensitive skin lacking tone and firmness.
Apply a small amount over face and neck following your cleansing. Follow with the appropriate Serum or Moisturiser. May be used day and night.

SIZE: 30ml.


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