PH Balance Purifying Cream


A pH correcting moisturiser for acne and oily skin.


A light beige corrective moisturiser that leaves a non-oily feeling to the skin while providing broad spectrum protection. It has hydrating and antioxidant properties. Light finishing moisturiser for acne, oily & blemished skin.

BENEFITS: Leaves a matte finish to the skin. Flower acids help to decongest clogged pores and refine skin surface.


Pyruvic (Flower) Acid:  Skin exfoliation & strengthening of connective tissue matrix. Extracted from the Hibiscus flower.
Salicylic Acid:  Provides skin exfoliation to decongest pores.
Antioxidant Complex:  Blend of Green Tea, Vitamin E oil and Vanilla Tahitiensis defends DNA against environmental ageing factors.
Sedona Clay:  Natural matte finish to cream.


For oily and blemished skin.
Apply night and day on face or problem areas.

SIZE: 50ml


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