Private Labeling and Branding Services

HFC Limited is a Company based in Essex in the UK. We offer distribution and fulfilment services for the cosmetic/private label skincare and cosmetic white label industry specialising in contract manufacturing for the beauty, hair, skincare and cosmetic market. 

Our new and modern clean room standard facility is fully equipped with the latest filling, processing and labelling machinery enabling us to provide you with a first class service. Our work is to the highest standard with the company operating to ISO 9001 2008.

HFC is fully-equipped with various sizes and capacities of liquid filling machines to accommodate different pack sizes and can package a wide array of items, from small 5 ml/gram bottles or containers, up to larger 25kg packs, etc and minimum/small quantity runs are our speciality.

Contract Packing
HFC offers a full range of bespoke packaging services. We have a comprehensive line of packaging machinery to fulfil different repackaging tasks and the contract packing services that we offer is very comprehensive. Our work is of the highest standard and the company operates to ISO 9001 2000. We are always willing to re-pack customers’ own materials to their requirements.

Distribution and Storage/Fulfilment
If you’re a business owner or Company and your operations are not yet big enough to handle the distribution and storage aspect to get your products out in the market or to your customers quickly and efficiently. Here at HFC one of the many services that we offer is distribution and storage for the cosmetic industry. We pride ourselves in being a cosmetic distribution company in the UK with plenty of expertise in this area.

Introducing private label products requires a well-thought out strategy. Your products should be connected to the vision and mission of your spa, whether it is a signature aroma or using packaging with the message consistent with your spa branding.

A private label line needs to be based on the benefits of your spa. Products will just sit on a shelf if your marketing plan isn’t formed, and your staff is uninspired. We help you make the best of promoting your private label line with webinar training, marketing advice and branding collateral materials to achieve your sales goals.

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