Anti-Fluid Gel


This natural gel is formulated to help relieve swollen, bloated ankles, heavy legs, sore muscles and aching feet. It also helps defining ankles and knees and promotes skin firmness.


A cooling and analgesic gel to reduce localised pain, swelling and fluid build-up. Helpful in eliminating trapped wastes and fluids in treatment of cellulite. Presence of Laminaria algae, flower acids and calcium peptides promotes skin firmness.

BENEFITS: Reduces pain for sore, stiff muscles, reduces bloating and water retention. Helps to add definition to ankles and knees.


Menthol: Cooling vasoconstrictor, reduces swelling
Camphor: Anti-inflammatory
Palmaria Red Algae: Skin soothing emollient
Evodiamine: Botanical anti-inflammatory
Centella Asiatica: Skin healing extract of Gotu Kola
Lithothamnium Algae: Intense source of calcium and magnesium for reducing bloating.


For heavy, swollen, bloated legs, aching feet and sore muscles.

Apply over the needed area and slowly massage until absorbed.

SIZE: 30ml



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