Cleansing is essential for your skin’s long-term health. It clears away dirt and bacteria, keeps pore ducts open and exfoliates surface skin cells. However, cleansing does change your skin’s balance with the environment by stripping its protective oils that act as natural barriers to the elements. Be gentle with your skin. Try Gentle Cleanser that leaves skin hydrated.
Additionally, overuse of skin care products may bring about ‘sensitive skin’ or cause skin to break out from time to time. To avoid this, use Gentle Cleanser twice a day. Once a week use a scrub or exfoliator to remove dead skin cells which can clog pores. Microdermabrasion with Crushed Diamonds is a luxurious facial scrub that uses crushed diamonds to delicately remove dead skin and unblock pores.
For oily or acne skin types use Revitalising Cleanser to remove dead skin that can build up and become stuck to the skin surface by extra sebum production. It will leave your skin fresh, glowing and squeaky clean.