I look permanently tired. What can I do?
To banish under eye circles, it’s important to know the cause of them. Poor circulation from lack of sleep, stress, caffeine, and/or alcohol is typically to blame, but this isn’t the only culprit. In some cases, hyper-pigmentation around the eye area is hereditary, a condition that’s especially common with darker skin tones. And if puffiness is present, circles could be due to water retention or allergies. Try this test- press a finger lightly under the eye. If the darkened skin momentarily brightens poor circulation, water retention, or allergies are to blame; if skin tone remains the same, it’s hyper-pigmented. For hyper-pigmentation, there are a variety of laser treatments available. Before you go this route, however, you could try an eye cream with sunscreen such as Eye Refining Cream.
For puffy peepers, Try sleeping on your back with your head slightly elevated to aid in lymphatic drainage of water and toxins. Or use Eye Refining Serum.
Or if you notice that your eyes only flare up during allergy try taking an antihistamine to reduce inflammation. Under eye bags that are simply the result of your lifestyle and poor circulation can generally be reduced with the application of a cold compress-think refrigerated spoons. Eye creams are, of course, also welcome.