When it comes to wrinkles, prevention is key, so it’s important to conserve collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, all of which keep skin looking plump and firm. Retinoids and antioxidants as well as a good skincare regime will help preserve all three. But the best anti-ageing product is sunscreen, used every day, even indoors Your beauty bag must haves should include *a non-greasy oil free moisturiser to ensure skin stays soft with out exacerbating oiliness, causing spots. Oil free also means it won’t block pores but it will still hydrate your skin where its needed. Try Silk Skin Moisturiser with honey and melon. Follow with Block It! for all day sun protection, always use sunscreen every day of the year to prevent ageing.

*Use mineral make up for coverage as this is also good for the skin. The molecules in the make up are too large to be absorbed so it won’t clog pores even if you forget to wash it off after a late night. It also has a natural sunscreen of around SPF20 – look for BPC and Mineral Earth which you can order online here.